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miércoles, 25 de junio de 2014

the art of layering

Prendas super puestas; coloca una sobre otra y transforma tu outfit instantáneamente. Te proponemos este top nude con arandelas encima de un vestido maxi Cotton Citizen; y de accesorios, un collar Daniela Bustos Maya y un bolso de piel la chula.

Layering works for cold seasons as well as for warmer ones; it all just depends on how to approach the trend. The idea is to wear pieces over other pieces; "layering" them up; this will immediately transform your basic outfit into a new one.
On the photo above, we show you a level 1 layer, which consists of a nude crop top thrown over a 100% cotton maxi dress from Cotton Citizen, cool huh? The rest is to look for the right accessories, in this case, a necklace by Daniela Bustos Maya and a leather bag from mexican design house La Chula.

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